Robots In Pieces: Is Android Fragmentation Worse Than We Suspected?

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Tweetdeck have been beta-testing an Android version of their Twitter app, and as the test period came to a close, they decided to run some metrics on the 36,000+ testers’ phones and Android versions.

As you can see, the results are rather staggering: in Tweetdeck’s own words, “We were really shocked to see the number of custom roms, crazy phones and general level of customization/hackalicious nature of Android.”  Large clumps of HTC Desires (5030), Droids (3425), and Nexus One’s (3050) were offset by individual user sporting an HTC Bigg Magic, enV Touch2, and even something called “My Phone Bitch” (we’re afraid to ask…).  Likewise, a breakdown of SDK versions skewed heavily towards Android 2.x variations (with more than half sporting v2.2), but there were still a ton of obscure/homebrew OS’s represented. 

While Tweetdeck takes the moral high road with these results (“From our perspective it’s pretty cool to have our app work on such a wide variety of devices and Android OS variations”).  Just one of the many aspects of the Android ecosystem we’re not thrilled about; see our story on 5 Things that Will Never Change About Android.