Sign Of The (NY) Times: More Confirmation Of Pending “vPhone”

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The New York Times is the latest high-profile newspaper to jump on the "yeah, the iPhone's definitely coming to Verizon" bandwagon, following the lead of the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.  The actual details of the Times story are nothing new: anonymous sources, tentative debut early in 2011, Apple wants to blunt the market momentum of Android phones (which collectively outnumber iPhones), there's a demand for an "ABTDS" (i.e. "Anyone But The Death Star") iPhone, Microsoft's Windows 7 phone could be a contendah, no comment from all concerned, yadda yadda yadda.

If the "what I say three times is true" maxim has any legs at all, one more reputable news article should pretty much drive the last nail into the doubt coffin.  2011 should be…

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