Sony Exploring Interactive PlayStation Commercials

This image described by Sony, PlayStation, Patent, Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 2.33.28 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment America, better known as Sony's PlayStation division, has filed an application for a patent to that allows for "Converting Television Commercials into Interactive Networked Video Games."

Filed just over a year ago, the application was published today, and describes using streaming content for producing interactive commercial segments as described below:

Methods, systems, and computer programs for converting television commercials into interactive network video games are presented. In one method, a broadcast or streamed commercial is accompanied by an interactive segment. A media player coupled to the broadcast or streaming media source identifies the existence of the interactive segment and presents the user with an enhanced and interactive mini-game commercial that can be played with other "viewers" in a common or disperse demographic. Multiple methods for content delivery are provided, including a model where television commercial is inserted within consecutive frames of the television program, and a model where the commercial is overlaid on frames of the television program allowing the user to play the game while the television program is displayed. In a preferred embodiment, the termination of the interactive mini-game commercial is set within a fixed time period commensurate with traditional spot television advertising.

The commercials are live for a set amount of time, and the "mini-game" in the technique described would let several users play at a time, within a "common disperse demographic."

This image described by Sony, PlayStation, Patent, Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 2.34.15 PM

This somewhat reminds us of that interactive Killzone 2 trailer, "Behind the Bullet," from a while back, but seems to add more of a gameplay element. The said trailer was interactive in that it allowed for limited control of the camera and viewing of different render modes.

Interesting thought, interactive television-type commercials.


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