Super Mario Bros: Game on iPhone? It happens.




We've all asked if Nintendo would ever make Super Mario Bros. for the iPhone. Nintendo has made their stance clear, it's "No."

But not all is lost, you can find just about any Mario Bros game, even the SNES versions for iPhone.

Super Mario Bros. actually can be played on an iPhone and iPod Touch. You have to jailbreak if, of course. We are seeing it in an emulator on the video above. It's an old classic, and some of you may not know this but the Super Mario Bros games are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Do you need all the games ever made for the NES? No. Just this one.

Want something that feels even more authentic, and Super Mario Bros. on the iPhone a bit too small? Check out this SNES emulator for the iPad and play it with a bigger screen.

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