Testing, Testing: News on Verizon iPhone, “iPhone 5”

This image described by iPhone, Apple, Verizon, CDMA, GSM, Iphone-verizon Boy Genius Report is saying the fabled CDMA/Verizon iPhone 3.2 is now in "AP" testing mode, which means the hardware is locked down and the software very nearly so.  Here's a bit of a puzzler, though — the unit has a slot for a SIM card.  Which could mean (a) it's the dual-mode CDMA/GSM model we reported on last week, (b) it's CDMA-only, but the SIM would allow for global roaming, or (c) it's a fix for the antenna bezel "death grip."

The same BGR story also maintains that an "iPhone 5" is in the engineering verification test phase, which is technobabble for still embryonic/Not Ready For Prime Time.

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