The iPod Touch Has Finally Met its Match: Galaxy Player


Samsung is ready to duke it out with Apple. Meet the Galaxy Player, an Android 2.1 multimedia device with a 3.2-inch display, 2MP camera, wifi, 8 or 16GB storage, a micro SD slot, FM radio, GPS and built-in DiVx support. The iPod and the iPod Touch have long been the undisputed champion of the portable MP3 player world. There was the Zune, but–well, we don't diss the Zune, but it hasn't been quite the success some would have hoped.

Finally, there is a device that's truly comparable to the the iPod Touch, and it's looking pretty good. This video shows off the device, and makes it look like a truly interesting little MP3 player. It looks a good deal thicker than the iPod Touch, maybe about the size of an iPhone 3GS. We have to say that we hope it gives the iPod Touch some competition–it needs it.

We've talked about Samsung's Galaxy Tablet, their other Android device set to square off with Apple, but we are a bit skeptical about how well that one will go over.

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