Too Little, Too Late? HP Unveils WebOS 2.0, Palm Pre 2

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Hewlett-Packard has just revealed the result of their big Palm purchase: the imminent release of WebOS 2.0, which supports true multitasking, Adobe Flash 10.1 (suck it, Apple!), and apps specific to the Touchstone charging dock.

Speaking of Touchstones, HP also announced the second-generation Palm Pre would be hitting the retail channels soon.  Specifically, it'll debut in France this Friday (huh?), with a US debut through Verizon in the coming months.  Pre Central suggests the "edition Francaise" will cost ‚Ǩ99 (US$137)  with a contract, ‚Ǩ449 (US$622) without.  No pricing for the American model, but an unlocked UTMS version has been promised for developers.

Our question is: does anyone even CARE about the Pre anymore?  Yeah, it got tons of good press upon its initial release (and, for better or wore, gave us those memorable "Creepy Girl" commercials.  But, as with other "iPhone killers," the Pre's heat cooled so quickly that by the time it broke loose of Sprint and debuted on other carriers, between the iPhone's ubiquity and the rapid ascent of Android, no one really GAVE a rat's ass about the Pre.

[Via Gizmodo]