V-Cursed? Apple, Verizon iPhone Squabbled Over Retailing, Included Software

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Turns out there have been some speedbumps along the road to Apple and Verizon debuting a CDMA-flavored iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal — who just yesterday posted a story reiterating that a "vPhone" was on the way — updated said story with a couple of subtle inserts that all was not originally copasetic between the House of Jobs and the House of the "Can You Hear Me Now?" Guy.  In fact, when Verizon was first angling to get the iPhone — long before Apple eventually tag-teamed with AT&T — the companies butted heads over (a) Apple refusing to let Verizon sell iPhones in their stores, and (b) Verizon insisting on shipping the phones with their proprietary Vcast video-on-demand software.

On the second point, we're actually firmly in the Apple camp.  We're not big fans of cell carriers — or ANY hardware vendors — pre-loading their devices with crapware.  And frankly, there's nothing about the vCast service that would benefit it being shoehorned onto any iPhone, especially with so many other (better) (non-proprietary) video-streaming options already out there.

Memo to Uncle Steve: Give Verizon the iPhone.  Let 'em sell it however they want; more iPhones sold equals more money for Apple.  But stand firm on the crapware issue.

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