Verizon iPhone: How to Make Your Own Verizon iPhone

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Will Verizon get the iPhone? Probably. Is there a known launch date? No. When it does come, we figure it will be available on various carriers.

How to Make Your Verizon iPhone

People have been long awaiting the iPhone for Verizon. However, a true one is months away. Luckily, the folks at Gizmodo have put together a guide, or a hack if you will, that will let you turn your iPod Touch into a Verizon iPhone. It's actually so simple, we can't believe we didn't think about it.

With an iPod Touch, a headset, a Verizon MiFi and a few Apps you can have your very own iPhone from Verizon!

You Can Also Make it a Sprint iPhone

All you need is a similar setup, but have the  Sprint Overdrive instead.

Want to Buy and iPhone Without a Contract?

There's a solution for that, too. It's the iSpot wifi hotspot. It's $25 a month: Link.

Is There a T-Mobile iPhone?

Aside from jailbreaking and unlocking your regular iPhone. We have plenty of information and tutorials for unlocking and jailbreaking the device. Sorry, no MiFi hotspot for T-Mobile.


Gizmodo's how-to recommends Line2 for making calls, but we've written in the past about turning your iPod Touch into a phone, it just never dawned on us to carry around a MiFi with it. And our favorite VOIP app was iCall the rates are nice and you can opt for free, ad-supported calling if you'd like.

Of course there are other Apps too, such as Skype, Fring and Tango. You can even check out Sprint's solution, the Overdrive.


Check out Gizmodo for plans on the full setup: Here


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