Wake Up Call: Will iOS 4.1 Alarm Clock Bug Fix Be A Jailbreak Killer As Well?

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Blame it on Aussies

A few weeks ago, iPhone users "Down Under" discovered an annoying bug in their alarm clock that was triggered when Daylight Savings Time kicked in: while the iPhone clocks automatically adjusted themselves, recurring alarms that were spread across multiple days would trigger an hour earlier.

Apple dutifully announced the pending release of iOS 4.1.1 to fix the bug.  Here's the kicker: although nobody's saying anything on the topic, there's a good possibility that the exploit that geohot turned into the limera1n jailbreak tool could be cast by the wayside as well.

The iOS 4.1.1 update could hit the wires as early as this Thursday, when a new beta of iOS 4.2 is released as well.  If this happens, it could break the 10-day record Apple set when it stomped the JailbreakMe.com exploit flat last August.

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