12 Great iPhone and iPad Parody Videos

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With every new Apple device comes a slew of parody commercials to go along with it. Many are funny, and others are just a bit lame or even a little disturbing (as is the case with Mad TV’s iPad commercial). Most are just trying to go after something that everyone is familiar with. That’s just part of what makes comedy work; we can relate to it.

We’ve taken a look around the internet for some of the iPad, iPhone parody videos as well as a few for other Apple products. Their production values range in quality from student projects to larger scale work such as television shows.

Have a look at some of what’s around:


1) iPhone Nano

Letterman showed off his “advance copy” of the upcoming iPhone. Then, as if that wasn’t impressive enough, he busts out his iPhone Nano. A sweet, portable device that lets you make one call before needing a charge.



2) MacTini

While on the subject of very small Apple devices why not take a look at the MacTini. The MacTini is smaller than the MacBook Air, and much more portable. It fits in your pocket. Before the commercial is over, the laptop goes obsolete and makes room for a totally new kind of laptop computer.



3) The MacBook Wheel

This is the MacBook Wheel, it takes a cue from Apple’s media player, the iPod Classic. Typing and navigation are made simple with the revolutionary new scroll wheel. What’s funny is that back when this Onion piece debuted, some people thought that this laptop was real.



4) College Humor iPad is a Comedy Gold Mine

College Humor is known for putting out some pretty good stuff. This time it’s a video about the iPad. While they are definitely poking fun at the iPad, it seems as though some of it is also directed at the internet’s reaction to the device. It’s also one of the many videos that’s styled after the ones we see near the end of Apple’s keynotes when all the bigwigs at the company talk up their latest product.

5) iPad Shuffle

Meet Dean Jobs, Steve’s little not often talked about little brother. He doesn’t get a whole lot of love over at Apple, and Steve doesn’t seem to respect him much. He’s come up with many ideas, none of which have gone into production (Well, the 1st-gen MacBook Air was his). This time, it’s the iPad Shuffle, the little tablet computer that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Come to think of it, this somewhat reminds us of the new Nano. Good thing Apple had the sense to enlarge the icons.


6) iPad Promo

The iPad is a magical device. These guys will tell you why. This is another one of those parodies that’s made to look like the videos Apple plays at the end of their press events. These guys are pretty good.


7) iPhone 4 Promo

This is the same group that did the iPad video above. In this video, they take on Apple’s handling of Antennagate and AT&T’s service. It’s okay, every phone has reception issues if you hold it a certain way. The iPhone is no exception.


8) iPad. Redesigned.

Surfing the web and reading eBooks has never been easier. The revolutionary new iPad model is easier to use than ever before. It never loses its charge, and you won’t have to worry about the annoying syncing. It just works.


9) PeeWee gets an iPad

Pee-Wee’s comeback has been a long time in the making. As a special gift, Steve Jobs gives Pee-Wee an iPad personally. The Playhouse toys seem a little jealous of the new piece of technology, because they can’t seem to compare to Apple’s latest device. This was also one of the first videos to spoof the iPad.


10) iPad in iPod-Style Commercial

Remember those iPod TV ads that were so popular a few years ago? It was a rotoscoped silhouette dancing against a colored background with the headset and their iPod standing out against their bodies? Well, Apple tried a similar ad campaign with the iPad. Needless to say, it didn’t quite go over as well ad they’d hoped. Above is the result.



11) Mad TV Predicts the iPad

Long before the name jokes. Long before the iPad was even a device, Mad TV had their own Apple spoof. It definitely goes a bit further than the others as far as taking the iPad to places we didn’t know it could go. If anything, it just goes to show you that Mad TV knows Apple’s product names before Apple does.

12) FaceTime Parody – Dad

This one is definitely one of our favorites. It’s a son trying to call his dad on FaceTime. It may seem a bit ridiculous, but we can imagine some FaceTime conversations actually going over like this.

Apple Parodies Will Keep On Coming

We are pretty sure that more Apple parodies will come along with future devices such as the iPad 2 or the iPhone 5, as well as any other products the company introduces to the public. As long as their products remain popular and continue to make headline news, Apple will be a great target for parodies. So long as they continue to be funny, they get the thumbs-up from us.

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