Apple Granted iPhone Design Patent

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Above you will see the drawing for Apple’s newly-acquired iPhone design patent. It looks just like the iPhone 4, which makes sense as it was filed around the same time as the iPhone 4 was lost in a bar.

As with many of the patents we see, there are dotted lines on the docking stations and where the cameras and earpiece go. However, unlike the iPad, the button layouts and designs are all part of the claimed design. While leads us to believe that when we see the iPhone 5 (which we hope doesn’t look like this mock-up, or have the features highlighted in this comic. Still NFC Tech sounds good.) it may not be all that different from the current model. Possibly because of all the R&D that would go into a new design. Aside from that, they have already claimed most of this design. They may keep it that way for a few years.


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