Apple Gains Patent for iPad Design

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Apple has recently been granted a patent for the iPad's design. It was filed January 6, 2010 (not long before the original announcement of the device, just goes to show how secretive they are) for a term of 14 years.

The drawings look pretty much like the iPad you've come to know, but does have some interesting additions. One is what looks like the inclusion of a landscape dock connector, and the other is what looks like a FaceTime camera.

It's also interesting to note that the dock connectors and the buttons (With the exception of the home button) as well as the speaker holes are all drawn in dotted lines, which means that they are not a part of the claimed patent. 

Does this mean we will be getting an iPad 2 with built-in FaceTime camera? Sure, but we didn't need a patent to figure that out, we've thought of a whole load of features we'd like to see in the iPad 2.


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