AppleCare Protection Plan: Now Transferrable

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Apple has now made it possible to transfer the AppleCare plan across their products. BGR has obtained the image above which shows an internal Apple memo regarding the new plan. This was available for the iPhone line as of June of this year, but until now there was no way to transfer your protection to a new product short of buying two plans, or cancelling the protection on one and buying it for the other (this can happen in a situation where a user buys a MacBook then the MacBook Air is announced and shipping a week or two later and wants to make an exchange for the other machine).

From the sounds of it, here are a few of the rules (though it's not made entirely clear):

– Must be transferred between devices in the same family (such as in the above laptop example).

– Must be done within 30 days of the initial purchase.

– Must be the type of product that can be covered by AppleCare.

– As with previous AppleCare Plans, it does not cover user damage (spills, drops, etc).

Those of you who may need the AppleCare phone number can reach them here in the US: 1-800-275-2273

While we think that the service is nice for manufacturing defects, we do wish that Apple would sell some kind of plan for those "Oh sh–!" moments that happen to everybody from time to time. Laptops do get dropped, and accidents do happen. Of course it would probably cost the user a bit more, but it may give some of them peace of mind when toting their $1,500 laptop around the airport.

For those interested, here is a bit more information on how the AppleCare plan works: Link

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