Christmas Wish: Subsidized iPad

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Wireless carriers in the UK are getting subsidized iPads. If the upfront cost of an iPad seems a bit daunting, or has kept you away from the device in the past, this may be your answer, at least in the UK.

The pricing plan for UK carrier Orange shows that you can pick up an iPad for ¬£199 ($312) – 16GB, ¬£249 ($391) – 32GB and ¬£349 ($626) – 64GB with a two-year contract at  ¬£27 ($42)/month with 1GB anytime data and 1GB monthly for use between midnight and 4pm as well as 3GB of BT Openzone wifi per month. It's also been reported that Three, who is said to be the UK's only 3G carrier, will release their iPad in the coming months.

We imagine that subsidized iPads could be a huge hit in the US, especially with the option to pair it up to a cellphone plan.

[Via Orange]

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