Common iPhone Error Messages and What they Mean

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Buzzkill: iPhone Error Message

Few things suck more than and iPhone error message, but they do happen. Worse yet is that you often have no idea what the error means, because you are given an error number and whatever function you were trying to carry out doesn’t work.

After that, you must figure out how to fix the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the error codes and figure out what they mean along with fixes to remedy the issues.

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A List of iPhone Error Codes

The following error codes affect various iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even the Apple TV 2G:

iPhone error 2, iPhone error 4, iPhone error 6, iPhone error 9, iPhone error 13, iPhone error 14, iPhone error 20, iPhone error 23, iPhone error 28, iPhone error 29, iPhone error -48, iPhone error -50, iPhone error 1002, iPhone error 1011, iPhone error 1013, iPhone error 1014, iPhone error 1601, iPhone error 1602, iPhone error 1604, iPhone error 1608, iPhone error 1609, iPhone error 1611, iPhone error 1612, iPhone error 1639, iPhone error 2009, iPhone error 3004, iPhone error 3013, iPhone error 3014, iPhone error 3015, iPhone error 9807, iPhone error -9808, iPhone error 9844

Apple has a handful of fixes that my solve the issues: Here

iPhone error 13109

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“The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error has occurred.” Users experiencing this problem are unable to sync their device, which can be very frustrating when you are trying to add new music to your device.

There is a fix that seems to be working on Apple’s support forums:

1) Uncheck “Sync Music,” “Sync Movies,” “Sync TV Shows” and “Sync Podcasts” in iTunes.

2) Synced (removing all music from device, but keeping it in iTunes)

3) Reset iOS device by holding down the sleep/wake button then hitting “Swipe to Power Off.” Unplug.

4) Turn the device back on

5) Plugged it in.

6) Re-check “Sync” boxes in iTunes

7) Synced device again. Should take a long time to re-sync, but the error message should disappear.

iPhone error 13019

When syncing a device using iOS 3 or later, syncing may stop with Error 13019. Apple has posted more than one fix, and it depends on the situation. First, they say to download the latest version of iTunes. However, if that doesn’t work, they recommend proceeding with the fixes: Here

iPhone error 1015

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This one isn’t as common anymore, but it happened when users tried to downgrade to iOS 3.0. Some users encountered error 1015. We found a fix,and it involved iRecovery from iHackintosh: Link


iPhone error 1603

Here are a few solutions from Apple’s website (link):

Restart Your Computer

Simply restarting your Mac or Windows PC may allow you to successfully restore your iPhone.

Try a Different USB Port

Connect iPhone to a different USB port on your Mac or Windows PC. USB 2.0 ports that are built-in to the computer are preferred. After doing this, attempt to restore your iPhone in iTunes.

Restart Apple Mobile Device Service (Windows only)

Restarting the Apple Mobile Device service on Windows XP or Windows Vista may allow you to successfully restore iPhone. Refer to the steps below for your version of Windows. Note: You’ll need to sign in with an administrator account for these steps.

iPhone error 1618

According to website ehow, this error “appears when you are trying to download a piece of software but are in the middle of a different download at the same time.” We aren’t sure how how often this one occurs anymore, but because the fix is so simple, it’s worth noting:

Power down and restart

1) Hold the the Sleep/Wake button

2) Slide when you see the “Slide to shut down button.”

3) Phone should turn off.

4) Turn phone on again.

If that doesn’t work, use a hard reset (this should be a last resort)

1) Press and hold sleep/wake button

2) Press and hold home button (at this point you should be holding both buttons)

3) Continue holding until phone shuts itself down.

Hard resets aren’t necessarily good for the device as far as we know, but sometimes, it’s necessary.

Your iPhone and Errors…

These are just a few of the errors that can occur with your iPhone (or any iOS device for that matter) that includes the iPad, the iPod Touch and any other device that has to sync to iTunes.

We will do what we can to update this list as needed to include additional error codes. At the very least, we hope we have provided you with a simple place to go to help you solve your iPhone problems.

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