Cyber Monday 2010: Ready for the Cyber Monday Deals?

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Black Friday is almost over (check out some of the best deals we've found here), and we'll be a bit sad to see it go. Still, Cyber Monday is right around the corner, and that means some sweet deals for online shoppers.

Nothing has been announced yet, because Cyber Monday still isn't considered as big as Black Friday, but there are still plenty of deals to be had.

It seems that a lot of online retailers have jumped on the Black Friday wagon, but there's no reason to ignore some of the deals that may come from Cyber Monday.

Black Friday can often bring out the worst in people, which is why many of us prefer to shop online.

We will be compiling our list as more deals emerge, but keep on the lookout for online retailers.

Because Cyber Monday is meant to cater to the online shopper, we expect to see some deals on Xbox LIVE games and subscription cards as well as PlayStation Network cards.

iTunes and App Store content is also fair game.

Keep an eye out at the major retailers websites as well as sites for online retailers:


Best Buy


Target is having a signup for Cyber Monday notification emails

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