Find My iPhone / iPad Services From Apple Are Now Free

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Find my iPhone / Find my iPad service from Apple is now available free for devices running iOS 4.2.1. The feature will show your your iOS device on a map as well as let you control it remotely by locking it, displaying messages or even remotely wiping all data from your device. It's much like the service HTC announced a few months back during their event in London.

It's more than worth taking a look at, especially since this can be the difference between the frustration of a lost iPhone / iPad with personal information or having your device back in your hands, unharmed.

According to Apple via press release:

The Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) feature is now free to use without a MobileMe? subscription and helps you locate your missing device.* The Find My iPhone app is a free download on the App Store? and lets users easily locate a missing device on a map and have it display a message or play a sound. Users can even remotely lock or wipe data from a lost device to protect privacy.

(*The free Find My iPhone feature is available for iPhone 4, iPad or new iPod touch (4th generation).

We will post a link with a how to when the update goes live. It's definitely worth getting. Now, if only MobileMe will go free soon. For now, we wait for iOS 4.2 which releases today.

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