Google Instant Search: Now Patented

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Today search giant Google has been awarded a patent related to their instant search feature, a function which in which users can type a query into the site's search bar and have results appear in real-time.

The description is as follows: 

A search system monitors the input of a search query by a user. Before the user finishes entering the search query, the search system identifies and sends a portion of the query as a partial query to the search engine. Based on the partial query, the search engine creates a set of predicted queries. This process may take into account prior queries submitted by a community of users, and may take into account a user profile. The predicted queries are be sent back to the user for possible selection. The search system may also cache search results corresponding to one or more of the predicted queries in anticipation of the user selecting one of the predicted queries. The search engine may also return at least a portion of the search results corresponding to one or more of the predicted queries.

We know that Apple was granted a similar patent for "Immediate search feedback" from within their Safari Google search bar. A patent we wrote about a few months ago: Here.

Everyone wants instant search these days.

[Via Free Patents Online]

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