Hello, Legal? Please Pick Up The Nearest White (i)Phone

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Talk about "rolling your own…"

Fei Lam, a 17-year-old high school senior from Queens, NY, got sick and tired of Apple's long-promised (but never-delivered) white iPhone 4.  But rather than just piss and moan on the blogosphere about it, Lam took direct action; through an acquaintance in China, he contacted Foxconn (Apple's supplier of iPhone parts) and purchased the white cases directly — then turned around and sold them online as a conversion kit for existing i4's, at US$135.00 to US$279.00 a pop.

Turns out Lam wasn't the only iPhone 4 user pining for a non-black case, and the high schooler suddenly found himself US$130,000 richer.  He also found himself in the crosshairs of a private investigator, who sent him a threatening letter accusing Lam of selling "stolen goods."  (No official word who the PI was working for, but the Usual Suspects may be inferred…)  To his credit, Lam didn't immediately back down, but instead lawyered up and continued to sell his kits.

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