iPhone Jailbreak 101: How To Change Root Password iPhone or iPod Touch

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iPhone and iPod Touch. Know that this method will not work for the iPad, because MobileTerminal does not run on it yet. Please check out our iPad guide: Here

This is one of the most important steps for anyone who jailbreaks their device. This is because hackers who know what they are doing can have easy access to your device through its root password.

1) First you will want to install MobileTerminal.

2) After you install MobileTerminal, run the software.

3) Obtain Administrator Access: (Note, words in bold italics should be typed in exactly as shown)

Run su root and provide the root password. The default provided by Apple is alpine

Run cd

4) Here, you will change the password.

Run passwd and type in your new password twice. It’s important to know that your keypresses will not be displayed for security reasons.

5) Now change the mobile password, this is the user account on the device. Run passwd mobile and type your new password twice.

6) Close MobileTerminal and you are done.

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