Jailbreak 101: How To Change Root Password on Jailbroken iPad

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We've already shown you how to change the root password on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch: Here

Now it's time to learn how to change that on your iPad. As you may hav noticed, MobileTerminal does not launch on the iPad.

This is actually useful for two purposes. It not only changes the password, but it allows you to gain full access of your device remotely.

Check out the how to after the jump:

1) Install OpenSSH on your jailbroken iPad and reboot. Remember, you have a tethered jailbreak at this point, so you MUST reboot with RedSn0w and be plugged into your computer. More on that Here.

2) You will have to find your iPad's IP address, either under the device's Settings>Wifi and the little blue arrow next to your current network's name. You will see your devices IP address.

3) Launch Terminal on your Mac and type in the following:

    ssh root@IP  (with "IP" being your iPad's IP address such as: ssh root@

4) You may get a warning about the root access, just type "yes" and hit enter.

5) Accept new computer host key, (may not ask you, but that's okay)

6) The default password is alpine

7) Run passwd and now you can enter your new password. Enter your new password twice, and you are good to go.

8) Make sure that QoS is off on your Router.  


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