iDroidBerry: Keyboard Buddy Adds Snap-On Typing To Your iPhone

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Let's be honest: typing on an iPhone is still not a painless operation.  How else do you explain all the third-party apps designed to make composing emails and SMS messages a whole lot easier?  Or, for that matter, the Blackberry or Android users who continue to eschew switching to an iPhone because they like their device's physical keyboard?

Boxwave to the rescue.  Their Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case is just that — a protective case for your i4 that incorporates a slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.  The front half of the case is low-profile enough not to interfere with your normal iPhone touch-screening, while the keyboard (which runs on its own USB-rechargable battery) will give you 45 hours of typing — more if you use the integrated on/off switch to conserve the battery life.

The Keyboard Buddy isn't scheduled to ship until mid-December, but if you pre-order now, Boxwave will trim ten bucks off the US$79.95 MSRP.  Oh, and BTW: you can get the Keyboard Buddy in any color you want — as long as it's black.  Sorry, you white i4 case hackers.