iJoystick: Mac Chopper Game Supports iPhone Remote Control



The original Chopper 2 game for iDevices had a few nifty bells and whistles embedded in it, not the least of which was the ability to control gameplay via a secondary iDevice over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Say what? Well, f'rinstance, while the actual game is running on the larger screen of an iPad, you can remotely manouver the whirlybird itself with an iPhone.

Now that Steve Jobs has announced an App Store specifically for Mac software, the makers of Chopper 2 have not only ported the game over to the desktop box's larger and higher-rez screen, but have retained the "iJoystick" functionality — as the sneak peak video from Majic Jungles' David Frampton demonstrates. Which means that iDevices — already capable of doing anything from replacing your universal remote to flying a "real" (model) chopper — are that much closer to being the "one handheld to rule them all."

Should be nice, we've already seen Apple TV used as a gaming console.

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