iOS 4.2: Is My Device Compatible With iOS 4.2?

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If you look at the above picture, Apple added the camera icon to all of their iPod Touch models. (Fail)

For the past several weeks we've all been waiting for a specific iOS 4.2 release date. That day is today. As initially announced, the software made its way to iOS devices in November.

Once the software is available, we have to know if our device is compatible. Let's have a look at the iOS devices that will support iOS 4.2 when it releases to the public later today.

The devices compatible with iOS 4.2 are:

iPhone 3G (Does not support GameCenter and Multitasking)

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 (Adds Free find my iPhone service compatibility)

iPod touch 2nd generation (Does not support GameCenter and Multitasking)

iPod touch 3rd generation

iPod touch 4th generation

iPad (Adds Free Find My iPad service compatibility)

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