iOS 4.2: Lost Your Music? Here’s How to Fix That

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iOS 4.2 hasn’t even been available for a full day, and some users may already be experiencing some issues. One of the most notable is the iPhone losing its music library.

The good news is that the problem has an easy fix.

Users on the official Apple support forums say that they simply connect their iPhone to their computer and sync the device.

Some have noted that they are playing the music from their iPhone library on iTunes, and then syncing. We think the real fix may just be plugging in and syncing. However, we didn’t have the error and can’t test it out. It’s also worth noting that the sync should not take more than a second, this is because the media is already on your device, but it’s simply not being recognized.

Readers who may have experienced this issue, let us know if you have any luck.

Here are some other issues that have been arising today with the new update. Nothing major yet:

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