iPad 2 Get On The (Serial) Bus: Next-Gen iPads May Sport USB Ports

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Will the movie about the second-generation Apple tablet be called "iPad 2: USB Boogaloo?"

A story in the (Chinese-language) Economic Daily News posits that the next edition of the iPad will have five (count 'em!) major changes:
1. A video phone
2. "Better mobility" (which could mean a smaller form factor?)
3. A Retina display
4. A 3-axis gyroscope
5. A USB port

Of that list, item 5 would elicit the biggest response of "Huh.  Yeah, it DOES need one of those."  While Apple has dug its heels in and forced iDevice users to deal with their proprietary dock connector (in the interests of keeping the accessory ecosystem under control), the iPad is marketed (and seen by the public) as more of an actual "computer" than the iPhone or iPod.  Parking an industry-standard USB port on the 'Pad would mean easier access to its internal data (goodbye, Camera Connection Kit!), and an entire market of third-party peripherals (external keyboards, drives, etc.) suddenly becomes available to iPad users.  Plus the bigger form factor of the iPad means a USB port would be much less obtrusive (although the current Mini-USB standard is far from a real estate hog…).

Picard to Uncle Steve: Make it so!


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