iPhone 5 and iPad 2: May Sense Touch From Gloved Hands

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"The iPad 2…Now, You Can Use Gloves and FaceTime"

Even though the iPad 2 release date is far from here (and the same goes for an iPhone 5 release) there are already rumors flying around about how their touchscreens may work.

This rumor comes from a Nikkei report (via Patently Apple) that indicates that Hitachi Displays in Japan has developed a new kind of touch panel that is able to detect touch, even with insulators such as plastic or cloth, much like a user may experience with a stylus or while wearing a glove.

If the report is accurate, one could use the touchscreen even with their fingernail, which may allow for a bit more accuracy than using a fingertip.

It's also reported that these panels range from three inches to 10 inches in size, which sounds just about right for Apple's line of iOS touchscreen devices. We also learned today that Apple has acquired a patent for a stylus-based touch device. Though we don't see them using it in the future, it shows that they have looked into stylus-based input methods. The best of both worlds may be a great combination after all.

[Via Patently Apple]


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