Jailbreak Hack Allows For AirPlay Through All Apps


This latest jailbreak hack will let users stream any App to an AirPlay device. That's right, any App.

That means third party applications can be beamed over to Apple TV. Interestingly, the hack simply adds one line of code. Apple has built in the functionality, but disabled it for some reason, which indicates that it may be something they'd like to introduce in a future update.

The hack is currently available from the Cydia repository: http://cydia.zone-mr.net

The video above shows the hack working with Safari, which is of course a first-party app, but doesn't support the function.

It's very cool either way.

We definitely think AirPlay can make the living room Apple's next target, they may even decide to try their shot at gaming via AirPlay. All interesting thoughts indeed.

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