Mutual Appreciation Society: Verizon’s First iPad Commercial


Here's the first official TV advert for Verizon's iPad — which, we feel duty-bound to remind y'all, is just a Wi-Fi model with a Verizon MiFi hub to get your web connectivity if your favorite food-vending hotspot isn't convenient.

Significantly, the commercial plugs both the Apple hardware and the Verizon network equally; even with the external MiFi dingus, the "vPad" is presented as a unified experience.  Compare and contrast AT&T's iPad commercials, and you'll see…oh, wait.  AT&T didn't RUN any iPad commercials.  They just supplied the data plan for the 3G models — then kneecapped it after a few months — but otherwise sat back and let the House of Jobs do all the heavy PR lifting.