How To Prepare for iOS 4.2: To Update or Not to Update?

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Since Apple is releasing iOS 4.2 today at 1PM EST. Many are wondering if it’s time to upgrade their devices, or if the upgrade is worth it. The first question to ask yourself is whether your device is compatible with iOS 4.2.

Below are compatible devices:

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If your device is compatible, there are a few things to keep in mind before updating:

All iOS Devices: Back up your device (iPad 4.2 and iPhone 4.2)   Sync your notes, contacts, Apps purchased directly from iOS and make sure that you have something to revert to in case something doesn’t go as planned. The last thing you need is to lose your phone numbers because of some weird update problem and have no easy way to recover them. On rare occasions, phones can brick with an update. While it’s not common, it has been known to happen before. In case that does ever happen to you, we do have some information to help you out of that rut as well: Here.

Jailbroken iOS Devices (iPad 4.2 and iPhone 4.2) – If you want to keep your device jailbroken, it’s best to wait. While jailbreaks are currently available for iPad 4.2 and iPhone 4.2. However, there are issues with getting Cydia to run on iOS 4.2.1 GM right now, and though there is a fix. We recommend letting the experts (the hackers) test it out until all the wrinkles are ironed out. Wait a day or two for things to be squared away.

Unlocked iOS Devices (iPhone 4.2 only) – Avoid it. Wait until there is a sure way to unlock before downloading this update. Updating an unlocked device without having a new unlock available can make your phone useless on your carrier, effectively leaving you without a phone. It’s best to wait until there is a proven unlock working for the OS.

However, if you are positive that you are ready for the update, check out some of our past posts on the new version of iOS. (Note, we have been using iOS 4.2 GM for our tests):

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