Remake/Remodel: Dev-Team Preps Cydia Upgrade

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From Dev-Team member MuscleNerd's Twitter feed:

Both @chpwn and @saurik have been burning the midnight oil prepping for updated version of Cydia

(The link, for those cautious of just blindly clicking away, is nothing more than a TwitPic screen capture; one of the Cydia features will be a categorizing filter to customize your Cydia experience, whether you're a user, hacker, or developer.)

There's no question that Cydia's been long, looooong overdue for a facelift.  The bigger question?  Even though iOS version 4.2 has already shown to be jailbreakable (see our previous articles Busted! iOS 4.2 Jailbroken Before It Even Hits The Streets and Dev Team Hints At iOS 4.2 Unlock, to name just two), no one knows yet if Cydia will work on the new firmware.

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