Shopping For Clothes Online: Google Boutiques Launches Today

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Google says that doing online shopping for clothes can be a bit harder than it is to shop for a camera or other piece of hardware. To address that that concern Google today launched Boutiques, a website and iPad App designed to help users find clothes. Currently, it's all women's clothing, but we don't know if that's going to change. 

Boutiques uses feature based on's (who Google acquired back in August of this year) image-recognition technology. There's a long backstory that Google posted on their official blog, but the gist of it is that they got a bunch of very fashionable people and surveyed them and asked them to "teach" their website their tastes. 

When you navigate to, you can create your boutique to match what you like by choosing what's "More my style" from a series of several photos. From there, you greate a profile (or log in) and shop for clothes that matches your preferred style.

(Note: Because the writer is not a woman, and has no plans to change that for the time being, he did not sign up for the website because he was not interested in receiving emails about new fall fashions that fit his style.)

[Via Official Google Blog]

Boutiques for iPad – Free

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