Sit Tight, iOS 4.2 Not Due Until Next Week (Rumor)

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A Greek iPhone blog with a reputation for accuracy has shot down previous reports that iOS 4.2 will see the light of day today.

iPhoneHellas reports that, according to a "reliable source," the firmware upgrade that will bring all iDevices in line with one another is most likely to make its grand entrance on November 16th.  (Cue "See you next Tuesday" jokes…)

While you cool your heels waiting for 4.2's Day One, you can still review our analysis of what the new OS will bring to the table, how to prepare for 4.2 in the interim — and what the jailbreak scene have up their sleeves once it does arrive.

Note: has been correct with their past predictions this is why we are posting this rumor.

(Thanks Georgio)