10 Rules of Smartphone Etiquette That Everybody Breaks

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There are certain rules to using a smartphone. Most of them are unspoken, but they will get people rolling their eyes at you and thinking that you are an inconsiderate jerk. Many of us break these rules, and sadly we think that the rules that are broken the most often also have some of the most dangerous consequences.

Let’s take a look at those smartphone etiquette rules that almost everybody breaks:


1) Capture Every Moment Guy/Girl

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Yeah, thanks, Mom. I totally appreciate your posting embarrassing photos of me on Facebook. 

You know that one jerk that always has their smartphone ready for the moment you do something that looks stupid so that they can snap a picture of your humiliating moment? Yeah, if I see that picture of my on Facebook, I’ll break your neck. Just sayin’…

2) Android and iPhone Elitists

Have you ever had one of those people who thinks they are so cool because they own a smartphone? They act as if other cellphones are inferior to their web-browsin, game-playing, email-checking mini-computer? It’s not cool. Some people may not have a need for a phone that does all that, and for others, it may not be financially feasible. Don’t be a jerk and let people use the phone they like. Also, you don’t have to whip out your iPhone and say, “Let me find it, on my IPHONE.” We know it’s an iPhone, so no need to pretend you are the only person carrying one.

3) Shut App and Just Stop Talking About Your Apps!

Check it out, this App is so cool! Let me show you this other App, it turns your friends into zombies! This one turns your car one! This App is super cool because it tells you how long you…yeah, we get it. There’s an App for everything. Sometimes we all share really cool applications with each other, that’s just normal. Still, don’t take every chance you get to bust out your smartphone and show me your fancy apps. 

4) The Pooping Talker

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This one isn’t so annoying as it is just a bit awkward. Actually, it’s kind of funny…but still, awkward.

Here’s the scenario: You walk into a bathroom and see someones feet with their pants around their ankles, and you hear, “Yeah, we have a meeting at two. It’s about the new rules in place for the…” and your first thought is, “Wow, is this guy taking a crap while talking on the phone?”

It’s definitely a different kind of multitasking. We aren’t sure what the person on the other end would say if they knew that they were on the phone with someone who’s on the can.


5) The Information Addict

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“Babe, are you paying attention to me, or are you checking your email again?”

“Yeah, yeah..”

Unfortunately, we have to admit that this is our vice. We think this is one of the most common ones as well. It’s that person who is always checking their email, Twitter, Facebook, the weather and RSS Feeds. It’s terrible, but it’s a tough habit to break. Most of us want to be in the know, just in case something happens. Our smartphones have made it much easier to stay connected, but sometimes end up disconnecting us from the people around us. It’s a strange paradox.


6) The Jerk at Subway, Quiznos or Any Other Cash Register –  This is just plain rude. These are those people who are in line at Subway or Quiznos talking on their phone, and don’t have the decency to hang up or tell the person on the other end to wait a bit. They only half pay attention to the people who are providing them with a service, and often times hold up the line because of their inability to learn how to place an order. Extra points if they complain later because they didn’t get the order exactly the way they wanted.

This also happens at cash registers because some people talk on the phone and don’t get off through the entire transaction. While it’s not as annoying as someone holding up the line at Subway, it does slow down their transaction at the store. Aside from that, it’s as if you are telling the cashier that they aren’t important enough for your full attention.


7) The Corporate Hotshot


The phone in this video far from modern, but the idea applies here

How many times have you been in mid-conversation when someones phone rings, and instead of politely excusing themselves if they have to take the call or hitting silent on their phone they take the call? That’s okay the first time, but how about when it starts happening three or four times through the conversation? It gets annoying fast.


8) The Person at the Theater, Wedding, Funeral…Etc. – Cell phones are the new crying baby at the theater. Remember those people who used to take the baby to the movies, and 99 percent of the time, the baby would start crying? You knew the baby would probably start crying! Why did you come to the theater?

These days it’s the phone. They have warnings like 10 times before the movie starts telling you to put your phone on vibrate or turn it off. So people may mess up once in a while and honestly forget that their phone is on, but you aren’t allowed to do this more than once in a theater or you’re just a jerk.

The jerkiness is amplified x50 for a wedding, because you are ruining what may be a once-in-a-lifetime event for someone and x100 at a funeral, because while people are mourning the loss of a loved one, you are letting your phone ring. If the family grabs your phone and throws it in front of a moving car, you deserved it. 


9) The Angry Bastard That Wants Everybody to Hear His or Her Conversation

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 Have you ever been in a public place and hear someone talking on the phone to loudly that everyone turns their heads to look at them? We understand that sometimes people get frustrated, but really, do they have to let the whole world know that one of their employees ticked them off? We really don’t care what the angry screaming guy on the phone has to say, and we wish we didn’t have to, but it’s very distracting when you can’t eat your burger because some douchebag is screaming at his phone.


10) The Multitasking Driver 

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This won’t end well…

We say multitasking, because it’s no longer just a driver talking on the phone. At this point, we wish it were only drivers talking. Now drivers are being busted for texting while driving. FREAKING TEXTING! While talking on the phone is dangerous enough, because it focuses a lot of the brain on the conversation at hand, while pulling a lot of our concentration away from the road, it just seems like a death wish to text while driving. In the past it’s been found in a University of Utah study that texting while driving is six-times more dangerous than driving. Yeah, it’s probably not worth taking the risk.

They’re All Over the Place

Phone etiquette goes a long way in today’s world. Nobody likes a person who uses the phone in annoying manners that put others in danger, or disturb the people around you. It’s one thing to be on the phone while you are sitting down, but be mindful of your surroundings. You might be surprised at what you’ve been missing when you thought you were staying connected to the world around you.


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