Speed Dating: Is iOS 4.3 Due Next Month?

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The paint isn't even dry on iOS 4.2, and rumors are afoot that ANOTHER firmware update is in the pipeline for early-to-mid December — as in THREE FREAKIN' WEEKS from now.  Why so soon, and what's the next update bringing us?

The answer may lie with, of all people, uber-publisher Rupert Murdoch.  As previously reported, Murdoch's News Corp. has been secretly burning the midnight oil to develop an iPad-only subscription publication (called The Daily).  The virtual mag/newspaper app (which is expected to cost US$0.99 per week or US$4.25 per month for subscriptions) would require code hooks that don't currently exist in iOS 4.2.x to push new content to subscribers.

Here's the rub: iOS 4.2 was originally scheduled to drop in early November, with 4.3 on deck for the following month.  Unfortunately, when Wi-Fi issues were found in the Gold Master beta of 4.2, its release got pushed back to, well, yesterday.  And the Daily-friendly iOS 4.3 — which has its own rumored drop date of December 13 — may or may not miss its launch window, as the code monkeys make sure said Wi-Fi fix (and possibly a fix for the AirPrint issues) get folded into the new firmware as well.

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