Stream Broadcast TV To Your iPad – It Works, But Is It Legal?

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The process of streaming live TV to your iDevice is still a work in progress, right?

Tell that to FilmOn, who have figured out a way to send broadcast TV streams to your iPhone or iPad’s browser, in real time, for free.  Right now, their channel selection includes the three major US networks (CBS, NBC, and ABC), plus an assortment of syndicated and international channels like Bloomberg, Sky News, and Russia TV.  (You PC owners can also take advanage of FilmOn, but it requires downloading and installing a separate app.)

How does FilmOn do it?  Especially the “free” part?  Both FIlmOn and the similar ivi.TV
(who focus on feeds from Seattle TV stations) are claiming an FCC regulation regarding “secondary transmissions” of broadcast signals grants them permission.  But the networks themselves are crying foul, and have launched lawsuits against both FilmOn and iti.TV.  As for Apple, who have been working with the networks on ways to make money for both parties, it’ll be interesting to see if they either side with Big TV — or figure out a way to meld FilmOn’s methods into their own products…

[Via All Things Digital]

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