Survey Says: All I Want For Christmas Is An iPad…Sort Of

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From the “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics” Department: the Neilsen Company recently surveyed on both sides of the age of 13 as to what high-tech gizmo they’d most like to “purchase” in the next six months.  Now, in the top graph, it’s safe to say in the 6-12 age bracket, “purchase” means “ask Santa and/or your folks.  And while, at 31 percent, the iPad appears to be the blowaway hit of the survey, if you aggregate things like smart phones and video games, rather than break them out by specific model, those categories bury the iPad.  (Bear in mind, too, that the instructions were not to pick the ONE item they’d most be interested in, so multiple choicing was rampant…)

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For the post-pubescent crowd, the number skew quite a bit differently.  Computers and home entertainment dominate the top of the chart; the Nintendo Wii is the most popular gaming platform (unlike the grade schoolers who favored the handheld DS), but e-readers — which were dead last in the kid’s department — still managed to trump the Wii.

Screw Toys ‘R’ Us: this generation wants to be an Apple Store (or at the very least, Game Stop) Kid.