iPad Art and Music: Technology Meets Beauty

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The two images above were used to promote Brushes for iPad

When the iPad was introduced, much of the conference dedicated to the device focused on the web browsing capabilities. There were a few other Apps shown off, such as a few titles from EA and N.O.V.A. by Gameloft.

Then there was the New York Times App. That day, we also learned about Brushes – iPad Edition. Brushes is a painting App that lets users create works of art using various methods of virtual paint. These types of applications have led to interesting creations from iPad users. Not just paintings, but other works of art, created with an iPad. Let’s have a look at some of what’s out there:


Finger Painting on the iPad


 The video is very sped up, for obvious reasons, but you can see artist David Kassan panting a beautiful work of art on his iPad. It’s all being done with his fingers, and the end result is astonishing. 


Beyonce iPad Finger Paint by Kyle Lambert


Kyle Lambert does a lot of work on his iPad. The above image is a painting he did of Beyonce on the device. It’s the kind of thing that inspires one to try their hand at painting with the iPad. More of Kyle’s work is available on his website.


The iPad Orchestra


We’ve featured these guys many times, but that’s just because they are really good. Their little musical composition is haunting, and the way they perform the video is great. This is still one of our favorite musical performances using the iPad.


iPad Magic Show


We think it’s fair to call magic a form of art. While we don’t believe there is any such thing as real magic, it’s very cool to see illusionists perform their tricks. Aside from that, we don’t know the legitimacy of his performance. Either way, it’s an entertaining video.


iPad Optical Illusions


This is an interesting little animation. Well, actually it’s still images that appear animated when the user slides that plastic film over the iPad. IT looks very cool, our favorite is the spinning boxes. They look awesome in motion, or is it perceived motion?


Comic Book Art


Here’s more work by Kyle Lambert. This time it’s comic book-styled artwork. It almost makes you want to check out one of those comic book Apps for the iPad and relax while reading some Spider-Man or Iron Man on your favorite chair.


Street Fighter Scenes in 3D on iPad




This is an iOS application that uses  the accelerometer in the device to simulate a 3D environment within the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. In this video, you will see a few examples of projects done in the software, but the most interesting part is the segment (which pretty much the second half of the video) which shows the user creating one of these 3D images from start to finish using only the tools included within the App.

Art For New Generations

Art carries on for years to come. As new artists are born, there will be new methods of expression, and things that we haven’t even considered yet will emerge. Whether it’s through painting, performance, animation or music tools exist now that didn’t exist a few years ago.

We are all for the merging of technology and art. It’s a cool world.

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