Water On The Brain: Apple’s Revised Policy On Wet iPods

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Most of you are blithely unaware of this, but Apple has just revised its policy on checking for "liquid damage" in iPods brought in for service:

"When an Apple Retail Store or AppleCare Repair Center checks for liquid damage, if the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) inside the headphone jack has been activated, the iPod must be inspected for additional signs of liquid damage.  As before, unless a customer admits to accidentally damaging their iPod, final determination about liquid damage must be made by an Apple Retail Store or AppleCare Repair Center."
Previously, if the LCI were tripped, the repair techs automatically said "Oh, water damage" and proceeded from there.  Now, they have to dig further into the iPod's innards to see if any additional circuitry took a bath.

No word if this policy change applies to iPhones as well.  In any event, it's too late to help ATTACK OF THE SHOW host Kevin Perriera, who likes to tell the story of trying to replace his iPhone at the Apple Store after he inadvertantly went swimming with it…

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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