Potty All The Time: WinPhone 7 Ad Gives New Meaning To “My Phone’s Reception Is Crap”

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Windows 7 Phone And Microsoft’s New Ad Campaign

Windows Phone 7’s ad campaign is one of Microsoft’s most interesting yet. Rather than taking the more traditional approach of making the smartphone and the user seem inseparable, they are trying to market their device as a phone that will “save us from our phones…designed to get you in and out, and back to life.”

Too Busy for Real Live


One commercial for their current ad campaign shows users too busy texting, tweeting, checking email or browsing–you fill in the blank–with their phones to pay attention to the things going on around them and putting themselves in dangerous situations.

We think it also helps to show some of the irony in being part of an increasingly connected mobile world. We can tell you what’s going on in the other side of the world right now, but perhaps we are forgetting about those who are closest to us.

In the end, the idea is that this phone’s UI (User Interface) is so great, that your Windows Phone 7 handset will is much less of a hassle to you and those around you than other smartphones.

Phone Use Even Extends to the Toilet

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Yes, Microsoft went there. They had market research firm Harris Interactive survey U.S. smartphone users to learn about some of the bad phone habits the typical user may have (We’ve talked about some of those bad habits, too) and learned that a lot more people than you may think are okay with using a phone while on the can.

Here are some Stats:

– Of all phone users surveyed, 40 percent have used their phone in a bathroom

– 48 percent of adults felt that talking on a mobile phone in a public restroom is inappropriate phone behavior.

– 43 percent believed that texting, emailing or browsing the web in a public restroom is inappropriate.

– About 19 percent (or 1 in 5) users aged 18-24 have dropped their phone in the toilet while in a restroom.

 (More Info Here

It’s True…

It seems that there is some truth to Microsoft’s ad campaign. We don’t know how much their UI is going to improve that, many of us just like to check out Facebook status or Tweet when we can. It’s definitely a hard habit to break when you want to constantly be in the know.

The Moral of the Story

Microsoft may be aiming at the typical smartphone user who is constantly checking their email while on the porcelain throne and Tweeting their status for the two people who care to read it. Their message is this: Really?!

Well, it’s either that, or they are warning you not to borrow a stranger’s phone, because you don’t know if they played a game of Angry Birds while they pooped. Therefore, it’s better to have your own phone. Just don’t go poo while your using it, as it’s been deemed “inappropriate,” by nearly half of all mobile phone owners in the US.

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