iOS5: 5 Things We Want From iOS5

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iOS4 (and it’s successors) has brought many new things to the iPhone. There’s multitasking, GameCenter, Wireless Printing, AirPlay and so many other features deep within the operating system that it’s impossible to name them all right now. That said, iOS4 does leave a few things to be desired.

We don’t know when iOS5 will come (the iPhone 5, maybe?) but we can hope for some new features. Let’s take a look at some of what we hope to see in iOS5:

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1) Wireless Sync

This is one we’ve wanted for a long time. Wireless sync would allow users to sync your device without having to connect to your computer via USB and wait for a few minutes. Yes, you can stop the sync and just move an App if you need, but it’s still not as fast as a wireless sync would be. AirPlay is almost halfway there. Jailbreakers have already been able to do this (as was the case with multitasking before iOS4). Android phones can also do this, by the way.


2) Download Multiple Apps at a time

Much like the App updates that let you “update all,” we wish the App Store for iOS would do something similar. It’s inefficient to download an App, reopen the Store and look for another one. If anything, why not give us an option to queue up a list of Apps we want, and hit download all when we are finished searching.

3) Better Lock Screen

The iPhone’s lock screen is pretty old-school by today’s standards. Why not allow us to have a Twitter or RSS feed, maybe a calendar or the weather on the lock screen? Anything of the sort would be welcome, it’s faster than unlocking and paging through or opening a folder.

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4) iTunes from the Cloud

A cloud-based iTunes is another thing we’ve all been waiting for. Streaming content such as music and movies directly from the iTunes servers would be nice, and eliminate the need for local storage. It would be a nice addition, but we’ve heard that it may not happen for a while, and even if it did, we would probably know long beforehand because of all the huge deals that would have to happen behind the scenes–something would leak.

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5) Give the Messaging System an Overhaul

We think the iPhone’s SMS messaging system is pretty weak. It would be nice to tie these into the lock screen as we mentioned earlier, as well as have a way to receive messages without interrupting other activities. If you are watching a video on youtube, or doing anything else, the big blue window will pop up with a text message, totally getting in the way of what you are doing.

The message management is also lacking compared to other devices. You have to read through individual text conversations to find what you are looking for. It’s just not very efficient.


Will iOS5 be introduced with the iPhone 5?

Whatever next model of iPhone is coming, whether they call it iPhone 5 or iPhone 4G or iPhone 4GS or any other name that Apple decides, we are hoping to see a great update to iOS along with it. iOS5 would be a great with some of the updates we are hoping for, and more.

What would you like for iOS5 to add to Apple’s mobile operating system? We’ve talked about things that we hope change about iOS before, but with iOS5, we hope these changes happen.

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