Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough: Getting You Through Days 8 through 15

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Last week found you some Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough videos for days 1-7. Which you can find: here. Good stuff, but now it's time to work your way through the next set of levels. Today, it's going to be days 8-15.

If you haven't caught up, and don't mind a little help, you can check out the walkthrough videos linked above. Then, you can go ahead and watch the next set of videos, which we have gathered below.

Hit the jump for the walkthrough videos:

 Angry Birds Seasons 3 Star Walkthroughs


Level 1-8



Level 1-9



Level 1-10



Level 1-11



Level 1-12



Level 1-13 Golden Egg #1



Level 1-14



Level 1-15



Wow, in just a little over a week it will all be done. We kind of don't want to see it go. Oh well, it has to happen sooner or later, plus, we will get presents. Hopefully the last day will look like an awesome giant Christmas tree…or maybe the piggies and the birds will put their differences aside and celebrate the holid–yeah, right!

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