Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough: Need Help With Angry Birds?

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Angry Birds Seasons is the latest game in the Angry Birds series for iOS devices. It’s a direct followup to Angry Birds Halloween, and helps ring in the Christmas cheer by turning the game into an advent calendar. Each of the 25 days leading to Christmas is a new level of the game. Right now, it’s December 7th, and that means that there are seven levels available to players.

For those of you who need help getting through those seven days, we’ve found some 3 Star walkthroughs.

Here they are:

Angry Birds Seasons 3 Star Walkthroughs


Level 1-1

Level 1-2

Level 1-3

Level 1-4

Level 1-5

Level 1-6

Level 1-7

Credit to scarbzscope


You can catch up on the other parts of Angry Birds with the following walkthroughs:

Angry Birds Walkthrough

Angry Birds Halloween Walkthrough


Let’s just hope that Angry Birds Treaty never happens:

Otherwise you won’t have any more birds to launch at piggies. Oh well, at least there are some Angry Birds alternatives.

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