Apple Increases iPhone Shipments Goal Globally for First Quarter of 2011

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It’s being reported that today Apple has raised the global shipment goal for the iPhone line for Q1 of 2011. What was originally 19 million units has now increased to 20-21 million. This number comes from Digitimes who cites sources with Taiwan-based component suppliers.

They report that the shipment goal for WCDMA iPhones has increased from 13 million to 14-15 million. CDMA iPhones (as everyone awaits their Verizon iPhone), said to be ready to hit North America and Asia Pacific in the Q1 have been upped to 5-6 million.

They put it in perspective by saying that they were set at about 15.5 million units for Q4 2010, so it seems that the company is still anticipating an increase in sales, even after the holiday season.

Perhaps we will soon hear about the iPad 2 shipments, which were only briefly mentioned a few weeks ago.

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