Apple, Microsoft, EMC and Oracle Acquire Novell Patents for Nearly Half a Billion

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A website for the German federal Antitrust authority reveals that the four companies behind joint venture CPTN Holdings LLC, who recently bought 882 Novell patents for $450M, includes Apple, Microsoft, EMC and Oracle.

Currently, Novell is in a transition phase after an acquisition by a software company called Attachmate. The sales of the patents are part of the deal.

While it's not known exactly what any of these companies plans to do with the patents, it's possible that the goal is to gain ownership of several patents in the tech sector to avoid lawsuits later. As it is, we are always hearing about these companies being sued in patent disputes.

Currently, Apple and Google are said to be trying to grab several of the patents being sold off by Nortel Networks, a company that owns around 4,000 patents valued at a total of about $1Billion. It's all part of the patent game in the tech biz..


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