Apple Patents Insertion Marker Placement Aid

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Those of you who have used iOS devices have no doubt had to highlight text or move the cursor at one time or another. You put your finger on the spot you want to highlight and you see that little magnifier pop up.

Apple today acquired that patent for that, it's the Insertion Marker Placement Aid, and it's described as so:

An insertion marker that is displayed on a touch screen may be moved by a user via an insertion marker placement aid. The insertion marker placement aid is displayed on the touch screen after a contact with the touch screen is detected. The insertion marker placement aid provides visual feedback to the user, indicating that the insertion marker is subject to repositioning by the user. When the contact is moved across the touch screen, the insertion marker and the insertion marker placement aid is moved in accordance with the movement of the contact. When the contact is broken (i.e., no longer detected), the insertion marker placement aid is removed from display and the insertion marker comes to rest.

Sounds like that magnifier, and it's especially useful for fatter fingers that cover up words when trying to highlight text. Thank goodness for tech companies and their ingenuity. 


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