Apple Slashes Price of Refurbished iPad by $50

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Today we learn that Apple has dropped the price of refurbished wifi iPads by $50 and is offering free shipping. This is in addition to the $50 markdown that already exists on refurbished iPads.

The refurbished wifi-only iPads are priced as follows:

16GB – $429 (was $449)

32GB – $499 (was $549)

64GB – $599 (was $649)

This is one of the better deals you will get on the iPad right now if you are looking for the wifi model. The iPad 3G + wifi is still at regular refurb pricing. We've talked before about why it's worth getting an iPad for now and selling it off when the iPad 2 comes around, which is usually what we do with our iOS devices. You can bet that you will see our iPhone 4 on eBay when the iPhone 5 is released. Same is the case for our iPad when the iPad 2 hits the market.



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