AT&T’s iPhone Exclusivity Coming to an End?

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iPhone exclusivity almost up?

With each passing day, the evidence builds up that Apple may be planning to roll the iPhone out to other carriers. The name that pops up again and again is Verizon.

In fact, just yesterday, more rumors started to crop up thanks to Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. who recently did his analyst thing and said that the phone is now "closer to reality."

Today, we hear from AT&T CFO Richard Lindner, who spoke at the UBS Media and Communications Conference today, that "exclusive arrangements end." While its reported that the didn't provide details one that, it's most likely that he was talking about the iPhone's AT&T 5-year-exclusivity deal.

Some speculate that the deal will end near the beginning of next year, which will soon lead to the Verizon iPhone deal we've been hearing so much about.

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