Basic iPad Tips and Tricks For the New User

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If you’ve been visiting iSmashPhone lately, you may have noticed that we’ve been running tons of posts geared towards people who are new to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This is because we are sure that there are plenty of those devices in the hands of new users today. With that, we are sure that there are plenty of questions to go along with those devices. We’ve covered some of the basic stuff, such as care and tips and tricks, but those were general iOS tips. Now, we’re going to talk all about the iPad.
Hit the jump to learn a bit more about how to use your new iPad:

1) Open Multitask Pane

Just double-click the Home Button


2) Orientation Lock

Bring up the Multitask Pane and swipe it left to right. You will see a little circular arrow icon. Touch the icon and a lock will appear within the arrow. (More details here)


3) Connect to Wifi

From the homescreen, go to Settings > Wifi (found on the left column). Under wifi networks, make sure wifi is “On” and choose an available network from the list under “Choose a network…” Enter network password if applicable.

4) Read PDFs

A) Download iBooks from the App Store (Free).

B) Now, connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes (it may autolaunch depending on your settings).

C) In iTunes, go to File > Add to Library, and choose the PDF you want to import onto your iPad. (Control + O on a PC / Cmd + O on a Mac will also Add to Library).

D) When you have finished importing the PDF, you will sync the iPad once more.

E) After Syncing, you can launch iBooks. From there you can look at your collections in the top left corner of the bookshelf and choose PDFs. This will take you to a bookshelf with all of your PDF files.


5) Connect Wireless Keyboard to iPad

You can connect an Apple Wireless Keyboard to your iPad.

A) First off, if you have a wireless keyboard, it’s probably connected to your Mac.

a) Go to your Mac’s preferences (under the Apple menu in the top left corner)

b) Uncheck “Discoverable”

c) Choose the keyboard from the menu and click on the little minus sign below

B) On your iPad, go to Settings > General > Bluetooth > On

C) Keyboard should show up.

D) The iPad will ask you to enter a code.

E) Your keyboard’s name will show up and say “Connected.” You can now type on your iPad using the wireless keyboard.

A Few Notes on this: If you want to use your keyboard with your Mac again, you will have to disconnect from the iPad and reconnect to the computer.

Also, know that when you have a wireless keyboard connected to your iPad, the onscreen keyboard won’t pop up. Don’t forget to disable the external keyboard function on your iPad, or it won’t use the popup screen keyboard.


6) How to Create a Folder

Hold your finger on an App icon until you see the iOS dance (you will see the icon enlarge slightly while the others jiggle), and drag it into a similar icon. This will automatically create a folder. iOS is also pretty smart with naming folders. For instance, if you join USA Today with the New York Times, it will automatically name it “News.”

7) Add Apps to Tray

Hold the App icon as described above and when you see the iOS dance, simply drag the icon into the tray below (The tray is the bottom section with your email, Safari, Photos and iPod.

8) Search in iPad

This will save you time if you have tons of Apps and folders. Swipe your finger (left to right) on first page of the Home Screen, or just hit the Home Button once from that same page. This will bring up your spotlight search. Type in the name of the App, song or contact you’re looking for. What’s really cool is that this will even search through your recent emails (anything that’s in the iPad’s cache) as well as the internet and Wikipedia.

9) Get Free Books The Legal Way

eReader Apps such as Nook, Kindle, Google Books and iBooks are all available for free on the App Store. Each of them has its unique storefront and offers many of the classics for free. It’s a good way to catch up on those books you chose to use Cliffs Notes on rather than read through in high school.


10) Sync iPad to Kindle

One very awesome thing about the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is that their Kindle Apps can automatically sync to your Kindle. This means that if you were reading your book on one, you can hop back and forth between devices and start where you left off.

Simply hit the little “i” in the bottom right corner. Go to Settings within the popup menu. You will see an option allowing you to register the device. You link it to your Amazon account (as you did your Kindle) and now your various devices can be synced.

11) How to Turn off Autocorrect

Autocorrect can be a hassle across all iOS devices. It’s the thing that changes the words you’re trying to say and turns it into something completely different. To disable that, you can simply go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Auto-Correction > Off.


12) How to Delete Email

You may have noticed you can’t delete email from the iPad’s native email App. It only let’s you archive by default. Let’s fix that:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Email Account (in my case, Gmail) > Archive Message > Off


13) How to Set up Find my iPhone

It’s called find my iPhone, but it works just as well for the iPad or any other current-gen iDevice. There are a few more steps involved in this one, but what this basically does is allow you to find your device should it become lost or stolen. You can also remotely wipe data if it comes down to that. We have a piece explaining how to set it up here.


More to Learn

As we noted, these are just very basic tips and tricks for the iPad. We put this guide together for newer users who are unfamiliar with the operating system. Still, the best way to learn the thing is to play around with it. Open different Apps, close them, page back and forth, look in the menus. Your iPad won’t break when used as intended, so don’t be afraid of it. Look around and check out its different features, it’s kinda fun.

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